An exciting fun family

day for all ages!

8am – Helicopter ride

As a group all the pre-registered exotics, custom & unique cars will be staged at the River Cree Resort and Casino.  Starting at 8:00 am all of the registered VIP Stollery children will first have the opportunity to take a short helicopter ride high in the sky over the city. The VIP kids will encounter breathtaking views of the surrounding area in one of the many Synergy aviation Helicopters we will have ready and waiting.

Once all the VIP kids have “Reached new Heights” and earned their wings they will return to the ground and rendezvous with their assigned exotic car drivers/owners.

11am – Thrilling drive through the streets of Edmonton

As a group at 11:00 am the VIP Stollery children will be riding shotgun in the exotic cars and will head out on an amazing journey throughout the city of Edmonton. This new route will take them past several historic landmarks and onto to the Legislature grounds at the Edmonton city core. The fifty million dollars’ worth of exotic cars will roll in at 12:00 NOON under a police escort to a thunderous applause by the thousands of spectators cheering them on. These VIP kids will be treated and feel like true Rock Stars. With just completing the rides in both the helicopters and their favorite exotic cars they will now continue with the VIP treatment with a huge party in their honor down on the legislature grounds.

12pm – Race arrives at Legislature Grounds

Once arriving at the Legislature grounds the event vehicles will be parked on Fortway road to show them off to the public and the incredible legislature festivities will continue. The drivers along with their very special VIP passengers will meet up with their respective VIP families for an incredible catered lunch under the big top. Here the drivers get some valuable time to spend with the families and learn firsthand why and who we are raising these funds for.

10am to 4pm – Legislature Ground festivities

For the public all Legislature activities begin at 10:00 am and run till 4:00 pm. We will have live entertainment on the legislature grounds main stage such as dance groups, local award winning singers, fencing demonstrations, live bands an much , much more! There will also be a large amount of activities for the VIP kids/families and public to participate in such as climbing walls, 30 foot reverse bungies, sumo suits, hamster balls plus 30 other amazing rides and games to participate in.

There will be so much to see and do that you will need the whole day to enjoy it all. All activities on the legislature grounds are completely free for the public. It will be an exciting family fun day for all ages!

If the public wish to get up close and personable with the very rare and cool cars on display it will be by donation. The money raised from this event will help the Stollery children and their families in profound life changing ways.

6pm – Gala

At 6:00 pm the amazing day of activities then moves indoors for the Racing for a Cure gala evening at the River Cree Resort and Casino Event Centre. There we will have an electric night of live & silent auctions emceed by the phenomenal Danny Hooper accompanied by amazing food and some inspirational stories by extraordinary VIP Stollery families who will share their incredible journey with us.  A captivating evening that will not want to be missed!

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